Thursday, 24 March 2011

Flowers, Birds, and Animals

Heather w/ water lily pond - hotel in Chiang Mai

Hornbills on Coral Island.  They mate for life.  Are the size of large crows.  They came through the resort once or twice a day in a flock of about 20 at a time.  Have a very loud and distinct call.

Hermit Crab on the path to Bungalow, Coral Island.

Hermit Crab, Coral island.

Outside door to room at hotel in Patong, Phuket

Hermit Crab on the beach, Coral island.

Georgeous flowers on a bush beside our bungalow, Coral island.

Magnificent tree across the Ping river from our hotel in Chiang Mai.  Early spring, so no leaves yet.  Enourmous canopy.

Strawberries in the 'Flower' market Chiang Mai.

Flower market stalls, Chiang Mai.

Orchid at Flower market, Chiang Mai.

Don't know what these are.  Look like oddly shaped oranges on branches.  Edible ?  We saw them used as decorations elswere.  And growing up in hills outside of town where we went zip-lining.

Lizard on hotel wall, Chiang Mai.  About the size of a Gecko.  They would come out at dusk each evening.  Very fast.  Startled us often as we walked in the halls of the hotel after dark.

Gifts for wedding on porch of Opal's neighbour's house.

Flowers at the evening reception

Arrangement on brekfast table, hotel in Chiang mai.

Water lilies at hotel in Chiang Mai

Coconut tree.  Red and green 'berries' are actually very young coconuts.

Hibiscus in water jug at bungalow on Coral Island.  Jug is on veranda to rinse the sand from your feet before you go inside.

Bush in resort on Coral Island

Behind our bungalow on Coral Island

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