Sunday, 20 March 2011

Golf Chiang Mai and Phuket

The whole gang on the first tee.  Jonathon Thain, Linn Thain, J. Massie, Mike Ackland, Jamie Chilcott, and KenTremblay.  Chiang Mai Highlands g.c.

Mike A.  tee #2

Mike 'plays in the shade all day', even if it is 8:30am.

Round 2, 1st tee.  Mike A.
Mike w/ his two caddies, Emm (l), and Gaan (r).

Linn T.  1st tee

Jonathan T.

Linn T. and Jonathan T. out for a walk on a hot day.

Phuket Golf club.  #10 tee.  Fairway follows far side of lake (l - r)

Mike A. with his two caddies.  Phuket g.c.

Jamie C. on the tee.

Mike A. and his two ladies at Phuket g.c.

Jamie C. taking the safe, advisable route on #10.

Mike A. taking a more risky line on #10.

Mike A.'s safe landing spot (except for the swan) on par 5, #10 - missed the chip for an albotross, made the eagle putt.

Jamie C. on deck as Mike A. tees off, #11.

Golf in Thailand truly is a unique experience.  Simply because of the difference it makes having Caddies.  All I was responsible for was swinging the club.  These Ladies did everything else.  From hauling the clubs, giving yardages, helping with club selection, fixing divots and ball marks, and even providing the line for putts.  They were cheerleaders whether you hit a good shot or not.  If only this level of service could be transported to the courses back home.  Of course if it was it'd probably cost a lot more than $20 we gladly paid here.

  In Chiang Mai we played at Highlands.  One of the top rated courses in all of Asia.  Very nice.  Conditions were ideal.  It's easy to see their attention to detail and cleanliness on the course.  The Caddies don't replace divots.  The fill them in with seed, and pick up the turf to place in the garbage.  The same for any trash (rare), or cigarette butts they encounterred.  I don't think I've ever putted on truer, or more consistent greens.  The scenery was beautiful, surrounded by the hills east of the city.

  On Phuket we played the Phuket Golf club, located just east over the hills from where we were staying in Patong.  Again a very nice course.  Much 'tighter' than Highland was up north. 

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