Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tuesday Golf/ Errands

Opal and I did errands...kinda cool.  Her uncle drove us sround in the "taxie, a Songthaew.  This is a red truck with a top on the back and you get on and off by jumping off (or in) the back, it's communal so the driver may stop along the way and pick up more people as you go.  Since it was Opal's uncle he kept it only us.  We went to the post office, bank and exchanged money.  At all the places you take a number and wait your turn.  On our travels we stopped at a temple...I REALLY hope to get the pics loaded up soon.  I of course broke some rules and a women kept telling us what to do.  For example, I stood on a the threshold which I am not allowed to do (step over).

We met up with the guys, and headed into downtown to eat lunch (wow) and go for a foot massage. The other day I got a Thai massgae for $27 CDN (I will explain what it is like have a That massage later...think getting beaten up but a peorson half your size).  The foot massage for four people and trip was $20!  the prices are scary cheap! 

Mike took me golfing tues am to Chiang Mai Highlands GC.  It's about 30 - 45 mins east of town (depends on who's driving - Mike's fast).  Nice drive out.  Small stands all along th roadways selling all sorts of goods.  Mostly food.  Looked lika an assortment of fruit, vegetables and grilled meats.

  When we arrived we were assigned our three caddies (Emm, Gaan, and Ay), all very nice young women.  Yes three.  Mike has two - one to push his clubs and one to follow him with an umbrella.  He 'plays in the shade all day'.  Initially I thought this a little decadent.  However by the third hole my umbrella was out too (only I was holding it most of the time).  Not humid at all, just hot.  Very nice course, as the name implies pretty hilly on the back nine.  The experience though was awesome.  All my responsibility ended with swinging the club, and walking to the ball to take the next shot.  The caddies are very attentive to suggesting a club to use, reading the line of the putt on the greens, cleaning the clubs, marking the ball on the greens, repairing the ball marks...  Even encouraging you to drink water, and or eat as you went along.  They even fanned us while waiting to take the next shot.  It will be hard to go back to schlepping my own clubs back home.

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