Thursday, 24 March 2011

More miscellaneous photos

Heather and Uncle Mike before the morning ceremony.

Mike and Opal posing at the evening reception

Jon and Heather lounging by the pool, Chiang Mai.  Ahhh, I could get used to this.

Heather digging in to supper at the night market, Chiang Mai.  Not the bottle of Purel.

Heather kneeling in front of the altar in Wat (temple) Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai.  As you approach the altar you can not be higher than the Buddhas.  So you kneel, or crawl.

Heather being lowered to next platform zip-lining.

Heather and I with Tiger Panda, one of our 'Sky Guides'.

Heather and I with 'Bas', our lead 'Sky Guide'.  Quite the joker.  Thought it was funny to make out it was his first time zip-lining as well.

Ruins of original Wat on compound of Chedi Luang.  Damaged by an earthquake in 1465, once stood 295 ft high.

'Nagas' (protective serpents) at the base of the ruins of the original temple Chedi Luang.   Note the stone elephants above them.

Temple shaded by an enourmous tree at the back of the Chedi Luang compound.

Reclining Buddha

Waworot Market, China town, Chiang Mai.

Waworot Market street, Chiang Mai

The gang soaking at the Ratilanna, Chiang Mai.  Jon, Ken Tremblay, Bill Bourne, Mike Ackland, Chris Brandy, Jonathon Thain, Molly McNulty, and Linn Thain

Jenn, Molly, and Heather taking in the sights at the Night Market, Chiang Mai.

Angela, and Bill Bourne in the Night Market.

Heather all dolled up the am of the wedding.

The rings on their ornate tray (those are flowers and leaves 'folded' to create the platform)

The offerings for Opal's family, all ready to go.

Strings on the left were tied to Mike and Opal's wrists as the guests offerred advice to the newlyweds.

Mike lighting candles with the village Elder in front of the Monks.

Keeping cool at the morning ceremony.  That's a giant portable air conditioning unit blowing cool air into the house.

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi.  Hotel where the evening reception was held.

Wedding cake we were served.  Flower petal on top has a tiny piece of gold leaf on it.  I ate it.

Patong, Phuket after rain storm.

Desert selections at the evening reception.

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  1. You went ziplining! You are braver than I. I considered it when we went to Mexico, but you had to do the whole circuit - 18 ziplines in all - I wasn't sure I would be up for that.