Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Monday - first day here

We went to the wedding planner today..inside the old sity.  Mike drove which means we heard a lot of interesting words - and it was wild.  All roads rules are optional...haven't seen a stop sign yet.

Ate a great lunch.  We had three dishes, spring rolls, plus smoothies for $10 (that included tip).  In the afternoon we hung out at the hotel and Jon crashed...I mean passed out...wake with caddle prod.  When all refreshed went to the night market for shopping, dinner and a show.  Dinner was good (fast food - which means: chicken pad tahi, fried rice, chicken satay, and an oyster "pancake").  The show was kick boxing and Thai danincing...this all took place in an area that looked like a food court of a flea maket.  Only phalang (white people) watching.

Heather at hotel, Ratilanna, in Chiang Mai

Jon by the pool, Chiang mai

Heather and Mike in Tuk Tuk returning from the night market.

Opal, Mike, and Jon.  Alley in 'Old city' on way to get foot massages.
When I figure out to do the picks I will add them...would love hints!!

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